Flowz Coin

Welcome to Flowz Coin

The next-gen Token, Staking, and Farming Protocol on BSC
Flowz Coin is the platform token , a protocol that serve as a mechanism reduce inflation. Which provides an LP Acquisition algorithm, Static Rewards, Buy Transaction Limiter based on initial Total Supply.
Flowz coin is brief for decentralized money, DeFi is an umbrella time-frame for heaps of bundles and errands within side the public blockchain region outfitted nearer to disturbing the ordinary money world. Building a steady depository altogether as an organization.
  • Flowz Coin tokens is built and developed through our ecosystem: Exchange swap, NFT market, game, NFT, Defi, Farming.
  • Flowz Coin will become growed, popular and widely spread to everyone
Make sure to visit FLOWZ COIN to get your hands on some $FLWZ and start using the Token
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