Flowz Coin

NFT (Coming Soon)

That is why we have developed $FLWZ – an ecosystem could create favorable conditions for the community to participate in management to raise capitals for NFT projects and value NFT assets in a more transparent and more complete manner.
Apply & Voting for fundraising
  • Anyone can apply for new projects on FLWZ
  • Upon application submission, your presale smart contract is generated according to your rules.
  • Community member who holding at list 500 $FLWZ tokens have the right to approve or decline projects on Flowz Coin.
  • Projects which receive more yes votes than no votes, and receive at least 10% of the total supply of FLWZ token as yes votes will be approved to start their sale.
  • Once the voting time has ended, the presale will be started.
How it works- Sale
  • Communite members holding at least 500 FLWZ tokens can participate in future IDOs and be entitled to send BNB at a fixed price to invest on Flowz Coin.
  • When the sale ends, if softcap is reached, project is considered successful and no funds can be made. Tokens will be automatically listed on Pancakeswap.
  • 70% of BNB raised is sent to the project owner, 20% of BNB raised is divided among all community member holding at least 300 FLWZ token, 10% of BNB raised is converted into development fees
NFT marketplace for BSC community
  • Anyone can create and exchange their NFT on the Flowz coin marketplace.
  • Every day, you can get 1 star rating for every 200 FLWZ token holding.
  • You can become “ rating specialist” & earn BNB by giving the star rating for NFT, which you find amazing, unique and highly appreciate its value ( music value, artistic value, real estate value,…)
  • The more rating NFT gets, the more it can appear on the top the trading market, followed by the fact that it can be sold at a higher price.