Flowz Coin

FLWZ Token

FLWZ token is the token of the platform
FLOWZ COIN is brief for decentralized money, DeFi is an umbrella time-frame for heaps of bundles and errands within side the public blockchain region outfitted nearer to disturbing the ordinary money world. Building a steady depository altogether as an organization. Most DeFi task arise as dead after a short length from discharge as a result of purchasers with short time frame period objectives, which brings down the trading degree and makes it extreme for the errand to keep up with promoting itself appropriately.
We've apparent that happen explicitly with all current DAOs At Flowz Coin, we're intending to save you that from happening through method of method for building an organization possessed depository from charges, and truly stake it on PancakeSwap.
We guess this could offer us with a staggering and strong deals stream on each short and extensive time span, so it will handiest protect creating after some time. We will then, at that point, effectively utilize that deals to disseminate a piece of it as detached benefits to holders, purchase again and consume our own token to keep charge dependability, and once again stake the rest.